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SCTE New England

Personal Achievement Award (PAA)


Paul Babson, 2023 SCTE Personal Achievement Award Recipient

Since 1994, the New England Chapter of the SCTE has sponsored the Chapter Personal Achievement Award. In 2004 the Board voted to rename this award to the Bill Riley Personal Achievement Award in honor of Bill for his devotion to this Chapter. The recipients of this award are recognized for their outstanding accomplishments at the personal and professional levels.  Recipients have demonstrated their dedication and willingness to go above and beyond what is considered the norm. The award criteria touches on the areas of basic knowledge and skills of the industry, professionalism in the workplace, community and professional involvement that enhances the positive perception of the CATV industry and its engineering.

Congratulations to Paul Babson on receiving the SCTE Personal Achievement Award for 2023!

Over Paul’s career he has worked his way up the ranks, starting as an Installation tech in 1990.   He moved from Service tech, to Plant Operations and by 1996 he became a Network Engineer.   He became a Senior Network engineer and then transitioned to a leadership role in 2002 as a Senior Manager and then Director.   Paul now serves as Vice President of Comcast’s Northeast Division Network Engineering.   Some of Paul’s accomplishments are:  launched Highway 1, launched Video On Demand (VOD), created the Unified Engineering Network (UEN) and the first Converged Regional Area Network (CRAN), created the Cross-Divisional Capacity Database and sponsored the usage Modular WorkFlow across Comcast company-wide. 

Paul has been a respected RF and IP Networking engineer and leader due to his ability to bring teams together to solve process and/or procedural issues.   Paul has driven various tools creations which have become Comcast enterprise-wide used tools.   He was also instrumental in the One Network organizational changes in 2019.


Paul oversees IP network architecture as well as software development for tools.   Paul worked his way up through the ranks and focuses on helping his team members attain their career growth goals as well as offering his mentorship to team members in other organizations.  

Paul’s exemplary contributions to the industry and to others have made a commendable impact! Congratulations Paul!

Past award recipients:

2022 – Joe Guariglia, Vice President of Service Assurance, Comcast

2021 – Jeff Wider, Senior Field Engineer, Comcast

2020 – Alan Amos, National Account Director, Harmonic

2019 – Dean Olmsted, Times Fiber
2018 – Andy McCarthy, VP Engineering and Tech Ops, Comcast WNE
2017 – Dave Sharkey, Manager Technical Support, Comcast
2016 – Brian Bane, VP Network Implementation, Comcast
2015 – Georgiann Bergamini, Sr. Director of Project Management, Comcast
2014 – Ralph Paolo, President Broadband Access Services Inc.
2013 – Dave Kowolenko, VP Engineering, Comcast
2012 – John Ort, Regional Training Manager, MetroCast
2011 – Sue Wante, VP of Technical Operations, Comcast
2010 – Brian Bedard, VOIP/HFC Network Manager, Charter Communications
2009 – James Toy Jr., Senior Field Engineer, Comcast
2008 – Alan Marchioni, Senior Engineer, Comcast
2007 – Bob Foote, Account Vice President, ARRIS
2006 – Bill Snowling, Senior Digital Video Engineer, Comcast
2005 – Jason Hibbard, Manager of Conditional Access, Comcast
2004 – David Bitondo, Director of Network Engineering, Comcast
2003 – Greg Garabedian, Director of Technical Operations, Charter Communications
2002 – Alan Gardiner, VP of Network Services, Cox Communications, New England
2001 – Jim Kersnowski, VP of Engineering, Time Warner Cable
2000 – Paul D’Arcangelo, VP of Engineering, AT&T Broadband Services (Media One)
1999 – Bruce Byorkman, VP of Engineering, Time Warner
1998 – Calvin Cole, Applications Engineer, MediaOne
1997 – Bill Hinton, White Mountain Cable
1996 – Ray Murdough, Plant Manager, Time Warner/Paragon Cable
1995 – Joseph Camposeo, Network Engineer, Continental Cablevision
1994 – Kevin Casey, VP Engineering, Continental Cablevision

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