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2020 Calendar

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HFC Power

Supplies &

Plant Powering

November 18, 2020

IOT, Smart Cities

& Gateways

November 18, 2020

Membership Appreciation


Home WiFi Tech Session

November 30, 2020

Stang-up Meeting
Television and Cabinet

Mission:  To make New England Chapter a great chapter while utilizing Associate Board Members to foster member development and create bench strength for succession planning.    

2019 Cable Games SCTE New England



In order from left to right are the Comcast Winners!

  •  Kris Young - Network Maintenance tech

  • Jack Groat - Construction Supervisor

  • Justin Rainville, Capt (Comcast, WNE) -

    • Network Maintenance Supervisor​

  • Donnie Porter - Network Maintenance tech

  • Nick Adams - Network Maintenance tech


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