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Network Hub and Cable

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Game Designer

Upcoming Tech Sessions:

How To Protect Network Infrastructure
June 15, 2021

Taking The Lead On Fiber Restoration
June 16, 2021

Distributed Access Architecture Overview
June 16, 2021

DAA Solution
June 30, 2021

Mission:  To make New England Chapter a great chapter while utilizing Associate Board Members to foster member development and create bench strength for succession planning.    


  •  Kris Young - Network Maintenance tech

  • Jack Groat - Construction Supervisor

  • Justin Rainville, Capt (Comcast, WNE) -

    • Network Maintenance Supervisor​

  • Donnie Porter - Network Maintenance tech

  • Nick Adams - Network Maintenance tech

2019 Cable Games SCTE New England


In order from left to right are the Comcast Winners!